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Maratea, Italy

Maratea is in Basilicata Italy. It is the only part of Basilicata that touches the Tyrrhenian Sea. The city is high on a mountain and has a peak above it with one of the largest Christ crosses in the world. The road up is twists and turns and hangs off the mountain in spots. This city is wonderful to walk around. It has a great main piazza with a beautiful old fountain. The shops and restaurants are fantastic.

Come walk with us around romantic Maratea Basilicata, Italy.

– George

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Potenza Italy

Yesterday we spoke about Castellabate and Agropoli. Today we will look at Potenza. Potenza is a city high in the mountains north-east of Agropoli and east of Salerno on the RA5 autostrada. From Rome you take the A1 south to Naples then the A3 south to the RA5 (east). It is in the Basilicata region of Italy.



The population is about 68,000 people. The main sights are:

  1. Duomo
  2. Churches
  3. Old castle
  4. Noble Residence
  5. Roman villa ruins

potenza 2

Potenza Center

Like most Italian towns it is a fun walk around. You can observe life and Italians being themselves. The center has a piazza with restaurants and bars. Step back in time and enjoy this beautiful city. This is a great place to stay a night or two or an easy ride from Naples or Salerno.

George & Jo Anne


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Italian Cooking by Region

Italy map with regions numbered 2

Italy map with regions numbered 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are 20 regions of Italy each with their own unique cooking styles. They prepare foods plentiful in their regions by methods that are as old as Italy itself. Here are the twenty regions as described by Rustico Cooking.


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