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The Beaches of Campania, Italy

Everyone loves a good beach and Campania (southern Italy) has some of the best beaches in Italy. From Naples through the Amalfi Coast to the Cilento National Park in Southern Campania are great beaches. The Amalfi Coast is world renowned but the beaches are black lava stone. The Cilento National Park in cities like Marina Casal Velino and Ascea (both of these we have done YouTube VLOGs on) have white soft sand beaches.

These beaches have clubs and public beaches. The public beaches are free and you can bring a blanket or lounge chair and umbrella. The clubs give you two beach chairs and a table and umbrella for a fee. Some clubs provide music and free WiFi. They also usually have a restaurant that serves good food. You can order a wine, beer or prosecco in a glass on the beach.

The beaches of the Amalfi Coast are very touristy and people from all over the world go there. The beaches of the Cilento National Park are touristy for Germans and Italians. These are major summer beach resorts especially in August when most Europeans are off from work.

Come see these beaches with us in the YouTube video below:

– George Febish

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Great Beaches in Italy

Beaches in Europe compete for the coveted “Blue Flag” status. This status is given to beaches that:

  • Clean & Safe bathing area
  • Environmental Education
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Management
  • Safety

The beach must pass 32 points on the above topics to be awarded the Blue Flag status. The link, at the top of this BLOG, shows all beaches in Italy that were awarded this status. The link directly above shows all the criteria for the award.

Italy has some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. They take pride in their beaches and the environment around them. They even build National Parks to protect the beaches and surrounding areas. These parks can contain cities but prevent the building of resort style hotels near the beach. Cilento National Park is one such park.

George & Jo Anne


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