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Bubble up your vacation with some Champagne!

On our recent trip to Paris, we decided to take a small side trip to Reims. Reims is about 90 miles north-east of Paris and is one of the main champagne cities. We bought train tickets from Paris Est Station to Reims. It was a direct 200 mph train that took only 45 minutes. Once their Reims a beautiful city to walk around. It has its own Notre Dame Cathedral. It has great shopping and many restaurants and cafe’s. We walked around in the morning then stopped for lunch. After lunch we went to Tattinger Champagne house. It is the 3rd oldest champagne house in France. They have a huge area of caves that hold millions of bottles of champagne. they also have a modern facility that holds another 20  million bottles. Champagne is hand turned carefully to collect the sentiment in the bottle. It is then turned up-side-down and the neck is frozen. In this way the small ice wedge is extracted with the sediment. After a great tour we had some ice cream…yum!

We sat at cafe’s and had wine or beer and watched both the French and the tourists go by. This is a must trip if you like smaller cities than Paris. It is also a must if you enjoy real champagne. The train trip back to Paris was equally fast. All in all, it was an enjoyable day outside of Paris.

George & Jo Anne


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We just got back from a visit to Paris. We took two people who had never been to Europe before. It was great seeing this magnificent city through their eyes. They were amazed at the grandeur of the churches, friendliness of the people and the people watching along the small streets of Paris. Yes I did say friendliness of the French people. I have always found them to be friendly. It is like many people here in the states think of New Yorker’s as cold and not caring. This is totally wrong, they just don’t walk around saying hello how are you to everyone they pass. Parisians are the same. If you try a little of their language like Merci and Bon Jour, they respond with a smile.

We had lunch at a cafe in Reims (Champagne area) and joked with the owners. We all laughed and had a very enjoyable lunch. Hours later we were walking back from a champagne tasting to the center of Reims and a car beeped its horn at us and a woman waved. It was the owner of the restaurant saying hello! Smile, be kind and BE RESPECTFUL and you will be treated likewise. The rule I tell everyone we take around Europe is “You are in their country! don’t ask why they don’t do things like we do.” If you remember this simple rule, you will have a more enjoyable vacation.

More on our Paris, Reims and Versailles trip this week …

George & Jo Anne


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Paris by foot!

We will be taking a couple to Paris next year for 10 days. They have never been there or to Europe yet. They were apprehensive about going on their own but felt taking a tour was too impersonal. We found out what they liked to do like see museums, cafes and quaint restaurants. They didn’t want to miss the top things to see either. We planned a trip staying in a rental apartment instead of a typical hotel. This way they could experience the real Paris. We will be close to great shopping and restaurants and many small cafes. We will be on the up coming right bank of Paris not far from Notre Dame and the Louvre.

Our trip will see all sights in Paris and include a day trip to Champagne to sip some of the bubbly. The itinerary is set to experience the Parisian life style without breaking the budget. The couple is very active and enjoys long walks so we will do most of the sightseeing by foot but will take Metro where it makes sense.
Jo Anne & I love to see people experience the real Europe that is impossible to see by tour. We love Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and the UK. We are available for personal tours.

George & Jo Anne

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