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February Weather in Italy

Italy has a vast range of weather. In the north with the Alps there is a lot of snow and cold. Rome can be cold but is usually more moderate because of its proximity to the sea. Southern Italy is more a Mediterranean climate with Sicily usually hot. This year has brought snow throughout Italy, even Sicily. It didn’t last long in the south but it had its impact. People in the south are not used to snow so driving is more treacherous. The roads, especially the mountain roads, can be very treacherous in icey or snowy conditions.

February weather is typically as follows:

  • Northern Italy: 25-45°F (-4-5°C)
  • Central Italy: 40-55°F (5-13°C)
  • Southern Italy: 50-60°F (10-16°C)

Choose where you go in the winter by what type of weather you like. Usually you can’t swim even in very mild weather. The sea is very violent in the winter months but becomes calm and smooth in the summer.

Enjoy where you choose. Meet the local people, eat the local foods and drink the local wines. Remember to try the local chocolates and gelato. Be romantic, after all it is ITALY!

George & Jo Anne


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Why Do I Love Italy?

There are so many reasons to love Italy. So many Americans (Italians and others) love going to Italy. What is our attraction? Why do we long for this small country? Here are some of my many reasons for loving Italy:

  1. The country side is very beautiful
  2. The people are friendly
  3. Italians love Americans
  4. The food is fantastic (and you can’t get it outside of Italy – it just isn’t the same)
  5. The wine is superb
  6. The chocolate is unforgettable
  7. The gelato is soooo much better than ice cream
  8. The cities are old (ancient) and the architecture is fantastic
  9. Each small town has its own appeal
  10. The autostradas are fast, wide and make driving enjoyable
  11. The trains work and  are very fast
  12. Italians believe in “Dolce fa niente”!

If you haven’t gone yet, GO! (or as the Italians would say VAI VAI). Life is too short to miss Italy.

George & Jo Anne


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OK you are sold on Europe but How do you get there?

What are the top three reasons people don’t go to Europe? Money, Money, Money! Never borrow or use credit card debt to go. That only ruins your trip when you get back and have to pay for it. Most Americans don’t have four to six thousand to drop on a trip. There is the kids college fund, the mortgage, we need a new car, etc. The list goes on and on. There is a way. Save an amount you can afford each week, or month. Put it in a separate savings account just for vacations. Let it grow until you have enough to go. Then shop for deals on airfare and hotels. If having an account with several thousand in it is too tempting for you, start a Christmas fund and buy yourself a vacation gift at Christmas time.

Airfares are expensive but you can shop for deals. Last minute bookings can save a lot of money. Traveling Tuesday through Thursday instead of Friday through Sunday can save a bundle. Check both the airline sites and discount sites like Orbitz. Hotels can be inexpensive on discount sites. They don’t always get a lot off airfare but if you book it with them they can save you a lot on a hotel. Don’t pick the big American hotels. Go for small European hotels but be sure you have a private bath. The experience will be more memorable and fun. Many include a wonderful European breakfast with the room. Don’t look for American breakfasts, you are not in America. Eggs are usually only given as hard-boiled. The breakfast usually includes breads, pastries, meats and cheeses. Some have a variety of cereals as well. Juice and coffee is also available.

Enjoy your trip and be a European while you are traveling. Be romantic and be happy. Don’t forget the gelato and chocolate. These are less sugary than in the states and so delicious.

George & Jo Anne


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Last BLOG in series on Perugia Chocolate

English: View on Perugia, Italy and the Church...

English: View on Perugia, Italy and the Church of San Spirito (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kace has a BLOG and wonderful pictures of Perugia, Italy and its wonderful chocolate. This is a place not to be missed. It is in Umbria and is an easy drive and very scenic from Orvieto, Florence, Siena or Rome. If you hate chocolate this is not a city for you but for everyone else go and enjoy.

George & Jo Anne


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More Chocolate …

Baci by Perugina

Baci by Perugina (Photo credit: just_jeanette)

Yesterday I BLOGed on Perugina Chocolates from Perugia, Italy. Today we look at the factory tour of Perugina Chocolate. Wanderingpalete BLOG talks of a tour and how wonderful the chocolate was. If you are visiting the Tuscany or Umbria regions of Italy don’t miss this wonderful city and its world-famous chocolate. Click here for tour costs and information. Chocolate is loved around the world!


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A Chocolate Feast not to miss: Eurochocolate

Eurochocolate festival 2008, Perugia, Italy.

Eurochocolate festival 2008, Perugia, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who don’t like chocolate? It attracted kings and queens of old. It was food of the rich. Today it is available to everyone. I am not talking about American milk chocolate which is mostly milk, sugar and fat with a little coco. Real chocolate is what we call dark chocolate. It’s not overly sweet but creamy. Put a small piece on your tongue and let your body heat melt it slowly. Feel the velvety smooth chocolate run down your tongue. Finally taste the chocolate. YUM! Chocolate in Perugia, Italy is real chocolate! It is where the world-famous Perugina chocolates come from.

Italy hosts a chocolate festival called Eurochocolate. Unfortunately it ended yesterday but there is always next year. Plan your trip early. Perugia is the capital city of the region of Umbria, Italy.

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