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Flooding in Southern Italy

The winter in southern Italy is mild but rainy. This year the rains have been persistent. Flooding has occurred everywhere even destroying some roads. The area is beautiful with its high mountain peaks and blue-green sea water. The beaches are soft sand and very inviting. The mountain towns offer unique views, hospitality and food & wine from the region.

As Spring approaches the rains will subside and beach life will begin again. This is not an area to be missed on your journeys. Enjoy!

George & Jo Anne


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What’s the First Thing We do in a New Town?

Europe - Satellite image - PlanetObserver

Europe – Satellite image – PlanetObserver (Photo credit: PlanetObserver)

When visiting Europe, we first walk the town to get to know it. We look for small interesting bars for breakfast. Yes breakfast is at a bar in Europe. You get your coffee and something sweet. Some have American breakfasts as well. We like to eat like Europeans when in Europe. We also scout out interesting restaurants for lunch or dinner. In Italy we look for trattorias since the food is excellent and the price is usually lower than a restaurante. If we have rented a place with a kitchen, we enjoy cooking a meal once or twice. So we also look for small grocery stores that have fresh vegetables, cheese, bread and fruits. Cooking pasta with fresh vegetables in Italy is easy, fun and very healthy.

Which ever country and city you travel to, get to know the city, meet the people, enjoy their food and wine. Let yourself relax, loose the stress and be a European for a short while. Your body will thank you.

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Campania Cooking

(English version) Category:Maps of Campania Ca...

(English version) Category:Maps of Campania Campania Campania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We love the Campania region of Italy so much so we bought an apartment there in a small town of Velina in the Cilento National Forest. The food of Campania is very traditional, great vegetables, fresh seafood, organic beef and great wines. Campania includes Naples with its great foods and of course it’s world-famous pizzas, Capri the golden island, The Amalfi Coast with its breathtaking views (including Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Salerno). There are many great small towns along the Amalfi coast drive. From Salerno you go south past Agropoli and then you are in the Cilento National Park. It has some of the best beaches in Europe. The water is crystal clear and the sand is soft. Enjoy and try new foods and wines.

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Lombardy Cooking

The Lombardy region of Italy is in the north and contains Milan, Largo Guarda and Largo Como. It contains the most people and has a diverse cooking style. Some of the foods known in this region are:

  1. Veal
  2. Risotto
  3. Polenta
  4. Cow’s milk cheeses
  5. White Truffles

Most American’s think of this area as heavy creamy sauces but those are for the tourists. Milano has great pizzas, meat dishes, vegetables and cheeses. During the end of the year is truffle season and you can get fantastic pasta or veal with white truffles. These are expensive but worth a try. Milan is often overlooked as a tourist destination but I think it’s a great city. It is the fashion capital of the world. It has well dressed people and fashion is everywhere. Sit and try a pizza or a pasta. Visit the Duomo (cathedral), Galleria, and Opera House. Become a Milanese and enjoy life with a glass of wine

Risotto with White Truffles from Alba - Italy....

Risotto with White Truffles from Alba – Italy. photo by Simone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


George & Jo Ann


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Why is Italian Food in Italy so much better than here?

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit:

Italians are all about eating well, eating fresh, taste and life. Food has always been an important part of their lives. They farm by rotating crops to preserve nutrients in the soil. They mostly use organic methods. They do this not because it’s popular or a fad but because the food tastes better. Wine is included in this. Part of what makes a wine so delicious is how the grape is grown. There animals are raised on the land and eat what they have always eaten. Ours are in pens and are feed chemical feeds. Their vegetables taste and smell so much better than ours. Remember eating starts with the eyes, goes to the nose and ends up in the mouth. We see our food and are attracted to it. We smell our food and that makes us salivate and prepare to eat. Finally we eat our food and enjoy its taste. Taste is to a small degree the taste buds on our tongue but to a larger degree its a nasal function in the back of our mouths. As we chew our food smells go into our nasal cavity and our brain interrupts these as taste.

The last time we were in Italy, we were amazed by the food, especially the tomatoes. It was late May and early June. The tomatoes looked red and firm. You could smell them as they were cut and the taste was not watery but of a great tomato. Italian cooking is never about processed foods but fresh grown foods that taste great. Every bite is about an explosion of flavors that excite you to continue eating. Watch Italians in Italy eat. It is a social thing. They are enjoying each other, the people around them, the wine and the food. It is after all the essence of life!

George & Jo Anne


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Pasta in Italy

We all know Italians love their pasta but it’s different in Italy. It really is! Pasta is made from whole grains and is cooked to perfection … al dente. They keep it simple. Only a little gravy (sauce) is used. Vegetables are slightly cooked and crunchy. The overall experience is a great dish that keeps you coming back. Last year we went to Rome fB-Capri dfor 10 days to be Romans. The food was so good that Jo Anne said to me, “I don’t think I can ever eat Italian in America again!”. The food on large tour groups is not so good. You can’t cook well for a bus load of people who want to eat and run. Get off the tours and into the small Trottaria’s and enjoy eating as the Italians do. They eat well, slowly, converse with each other and enjoy life more than we do. The picture is a pasta dish we had in Capri. Al dente pasta, arugula and tomatoes. The tomatoes smelled and tasted like tomatoes. This was a simple experience we will always remember. Eat well and enjoy Europe! Remember Pasta like Alfredo is not really Italian. It was invented by an Italian in Rome for Americans. You can find it in Italy in touristy places but not in the restaurants Italians eat in. If it’s on the menu … keep walking!

George & Jo Anne

Italian Pasta
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