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Business in Italy

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We recently bought a condo in southern Italy in the town of Velina (Campania). Two weeks ago we went to open up the place and get some furniture. We found a store that sells furniture and found a love seat, two chairs and a table made of wicker. It would be perfect in the apartment as well as on our patio looking at the sea and sunsets with a glass or two of vino. They, of course, spoke no english and my Italian is very limited. We were concerned that it wouldn’t fit in our car. The man, sensing or problem, brought a truck up and loaded the furniture on board. He didn’t take any credit cards so we had to stop at a local ATM with him following us. Then he followed us up a hill to our new place. He unloaded all the furniture, took it up two flights of stairs and into our apartment. Waited for us to be pleased with it and then, and only then took the money!

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