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The Churches of Italy

Italy is famous for many things but its churches are old and magnificent. They are not just churches but art galleries, studies in architecture and beautiful places to visit. They provide a cool atmosphere from the hot sun. The frescoes are wonderful to study, telling of story of days long gone. Every city has at least one church. They may be called Chiesa, Catterdrale, Basilica or Duomo.

Do not pass up a chance to visit one of these marvels. Look at the floors, the splendor of its height, the walls and stained glass windows. Look for frescoes and tapestries. The alters are magnificent. The organs are fantastic and even the pulpits can be ornate.

Below is just a sampling of churches from some big and small cities around Italy:


IMG_2640 IMG_1935

Duomo Florence


Duomo Cortona

IMG_1877 IMG_1860 IMG_1841

Duomo Siena


Assisi Cathedral (in Assisi)


Church in Assisi


Saint Francis (Outside Assisi)


Pantheon Rome


Church in Castelnuovo Cilento (Campania)


Saint Peter’s Basillica – Vatican City

Post your pictures of your favorite Italian churches in the comments below.


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How to Plan a Trip to Italy – Part 13

OK you are in Italy, have a great room and know where to eat. What do you want to do? In the big cities there are Dumo (Cathedral) and museums that are a must see. Even if you are not a museum person, some museums are a must see. The Duomo and museums get VERY crowded so plan ahead and go early in day or later just before closing. Most cities have city tour tickets that get you into the museums fast and free. These tickets are usually very expensive and have a time date expiration. They are worth it only if you will visit most of the attractions they get you into within the expiration period. This is seeing many museums and churches in a day or two. This is not our choice of hope to see Italy. Some cities like Florence have a reservation system that gets you into major attractions with no line for a small fee (in addition to the entrance fee).

Italian Flag

By now as a reader of this BLOG, you know that we are in favor of being like Italians while in Italy. Take it slow and enjoy your visit and time there. Don’t try to do too many cities in a week or two. It is better and more memorable to see one or two places well than ten cities in a rush. We also do not believe in organized large tour groups. The food you get is not real Italian food but fast prepared for a large group. Get on a tour that gives you free days to do your own thing. Take small tour groups of 10-12 people in a small van. These can get to interesting mountain cities that the larger busses can not get to. The best way to see Italy is to plan your trip and go by yourself or with friends. We do this all the time and have had the most memorable trips.

Sit and have a coffee, gelato or a drink and watch Italian life around you. Engage the Italians around you. If you are speaking English, speak very slowly and clearly. Avoid idioms and contractions or slang. You will be amazed how interesting it is to speak with the locals. They are as interested in speaking to you as you are to them.

Tomorrow we will talk about leaving Italy. Yes it is unfortunate but all vacations do come to and end but the memories created do not!

George & Jo Anne


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Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto is a small mountain top town in Umbria. It is north of Rome and can be easily gotten to by car or train. The train station and free parking lot are at the base of the butte. The butte is of limestone and volcanic ash. It goes straight up on all sides and town sits on the top. It is flat and easy to walk. From the train station or parking lot take the funicular up the butte to the town. There is a bus that will shuttle you to the piazza with the duomo (cathedral). You can easily walk around this town.

IMG_5400 a


There is a large fort at the top of the funicular. Inside you have great views down to the train station and countryside. Walking straight out of the funicular is Corso Cavour, follow this to the bell tower in the center of the city and make a left at Via del Duomo. The duomo is in a Piazza at the end of this road.

IMG_5422 Clock Tower IMG_5426

                                          Bell tower                                      Duomo

The duomo is so large it is hard to believe it is in this small city. On Via del Duomo there are ceramic and leather shops with fantastic local products. Restaurants abound in this area. In Piazza Duomo there is a small trattoria. You can eat outside with great views of the duomo.



Walk the narrow streets and enjoy this great city. If you go back to Corso Cavour and go left to the end, you are at the back side of the city with views of the countryside.


Countryside Views

 This is a city worth a stop. If you have time spend a night here and get to know the local people. As you ride the funicular down you are a little sad that you are leaving Orvieto. There is a fantastic local white wine here called Orvieto and Orvieto Classico. What a romantic place!

George & Jo Anne


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Milano Italy

Complete view of the Milan Cathedral Italiano:...

Complete view of the Milan Cathedral Italiano: Vista totale del Duomo di Milano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not much is written about Milan in tourist notes but I love this city. It is cosmopolitan, very classy and the people and food are top of the line. From it’s Duomo in the center, to the Galleria, to the La Scala the opera house, it is a city not to be missed. “I’m going to Milan” is a BLOG about Milan. Just look at the style in the photos on this BLOG. If you happen to be in Milan during white truffle season, have a pasta and truffle dish. It is expensive but worth it and very unique.

George & Jo Anne

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Orvieto Italy

English: Facade of Orvieto Cathedral.

English: Facade of Orvieto Cathedral. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Italy is famous for its hill-top towns. They were built high up to protect from invaders and pirates. Some cities have two parts, one at the sea as a port and the other high up on a hill-top. As invaders were coming, the town people went to the hill-top part to protect themselves. Orvieto is a hill-top town between Florence and Rome in the province of Umbria. It is easy to get to by car or train. The train and car parking is at the base of the mountain. There is a funicular that travels up the hill to the town above. The views are spectacular from any wall around the town. The town is made of small cobblestone streets with great shopping and dinning. If you can only do a day travel to Orvieto on an early train and stay until after dinner. The Duomo (Cathedral) is amazing and incredibly large. It sits on a small piazza against one of the town walls. There is a small hotel and restaurant on the piazza as well. One has to marvel at how they built such a structure high up on a hill.

The town only allows local residents cars to drive up the windy road to the top. You can see residence walking up and down this road during the day. We took the train from Rome to Orvieto and returned to Rome in same day. The trip through the mountains was enjoyable. This is a city worth seeing and exploring. You do NOT need a guide! Just enjoy the city. Look at the wonderful leather goods and ceramics. Eat lunch and dinner at a restaurant, Trattoria or cafe. In the morning stop at a bar for coffee and a pastry. Don’t forget the wonderful local white wine from Orvieto.

Enjoy your trip!

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