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Versailles – A Palace for you!

You can not go to Paris without a side trip to Versailles. Versailles is just outside the Paris city limit. It is easy to get to on the regional Metro (RER-C). Paris has Metros that are labeled by numbers e.g. Line #7. It also has Metro’s that go into the country side. They go to both airports (RER-B) and the RER-C line goes to Versailles. Within Paris the RER trains and the Metro operate together and you can take both on the same ticket. If you leave the central Paris area (Zones 1 & 2)  on any RER train, you will need to pay more. Versailles costs a little extra over the normal Metro fairs. WE took the RER-C from Nortre Dame (just off the island on the left bank – St. Michel station).

Going to Versailles without a ticket or Paris pass requires you to get there at opening time. The RER-C is very crowded with workers at this time. We  had to stand but it is not that long a trip. This train goes in two directions and has branches. Be sure to go in the direction of Château de Versailles and get on the train that has this station as it’s end stop. As you exit the train, you will walk towards the front of the train and out of the station. Turn right and go to the intersection. Turn left and walk along a huge street with lots of trees. Versailles is at the end of this street. Going into the property, ticket sales is on the left. There are machines with people who can help you and windows.

The magnificence of this palace is unbelievable! The grounds are huge and there are multiple buildings. The main building is most important. At lunch time seek out Angelina’s restaurant. This is a very famous Parisian restaurant that is known for its hot chocolate. See the photo below. This is pure chocolate with some spices. It is decadent and you will feel like you belong in this palace! Enjoy.

Retrace your steps back to the RER station and board the next train to Paris. It will stop at several places you may want to visit like the Eiffel Tower, Musée d’Orsay, and Nortre Dame. You can also switch to other Paris Metro Trains at these stops and go anywhere in Paris.

IMG_1394 Versaiiles



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