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Where do you like to stay in Europe?

Palace Hotel in Sinaia, Romania, 1971

Palace Hotel in Sinaia, Romania, 1971 (Photo credit: Rob Ketcherside)

Are you a big resort type of traveler or a small local hotel or maybe an agriturismo out in the country or a villa with many bedrooms and baths. We all have favorite places and types of places we like. I enjoy a local hotel. I am tired of big American hotels that don’t offer much. I prefer a family run small hotel with a private bath. The bath is one luxury I insist on. Jo Anne says “Camping is a hotel with one bathroom”. It is hard and expensive to get more than one bath unless you rent a villa. The villa is another great idea especially if you are traveling with one or more other couples. You each get a bedroom and possibly a bathroom. Kitchens allow you to partake in the local foods and cook a meal. The small hotels and villas allow you to interface with the locals better. Get to know the people, the food and the wine in each area you visit.

George & Jo Anne


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Some Cheap Airfares just don’t make Sense!

Deutsch: Der Flughafen Rom Fiumicino und eine ...

Deutsch: Der Flughafen Rom Fiumicino und eine Maschine der Air One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get emails on airfares to my favorite destinations all the time. I have great non stop flights from Philly to Paris and Rome. Some airfares that look to good to be true … ARE! They are multiple stops which may be OK but the layovers can be 8 to 20 hours or more. Do you really want to add that kind of time to a flight that is 8 to 10 hours non stop? I don’t! Check your deals to see if they really are good deals or not. Do what’s best for you.

The discount websites usually do not offer discounts on flights but can add a room with a flight for very little money. Watch where these hotels are located. If you are going to Rome you do not want a hotel out at the airport (Fumicino). It is way to far out of Rome. Get a hotel within the old walled part of Rome. Stay away from American big named hotels. They are usually very expensive. We enjoy small local hotel with a private bath (Check on this since some hotels have public baths that are shared).

George & Jo Anne

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