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Italian Language

If you go to Italy, you will want to say some basic things in Italian:

  1. Grazie – Thank You
  2. Prego – You are welcome (always said to someone who says Grazie to you)
  3. Per Favore – Please
  4. Buon Giorno – Good morning (said until sun is setting)
  5. Buona Sera – Good Evening (said after sun is setting)
  6. Buona Notte – Good Night (said the last time you see someone in the night)
  7. Quant0 Costa – How much does it cost?

But if you are staying longer than a short vacation or you want to be able to converse in Italian, you will need to take lessons.

  1. The language school in Naples – has an excellent course that will get you speaking fast
  2. Rosetta Stone – has excellent interactive classes. We found that these help a lot in vocabulary and spelling but not a lot in conversation.
  3. Pimsleur – Has an interactive course as well as CDs. We bought the CDs (or MP3 files) and love it. It gets you speaking quickly and understanding Italian. You do one lesson a day. You can repeat next day if you feel you didn’t really understand it.
  4. Children’s Books – We love trying to read Italian. Reading children’s books helps you get started. The internet has many of these for sale.
  5. When in Italy try to speak with the Italians you meet. This will help your ear to better understand Italian and improve your pronunciation of their language.

Above all else, enjoy Italy and remember it is their country and we are visitors. Be respectful at all times. Italians are very polite and always say Please, Thank You and You are welcome.

George & Jo Anne




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