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Enoteca in Italy

Enoteca is a wine bar or library where you can taste several different bottles of wine. You can also buy wine but usually not large quantities. Some serve food with the wine. Italians typically do not drink on an empty stomach so many give free small plates of food.

– George

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Refreshing White Wine on a Warm Summer Day

Location of region xy (see filename) in Italy.

Location of region xy (see filename) in Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know it’s fall! But now is the time to stock your cellars with next years wines. I primarily prefer red full-bodied dry wines but a dry white can be refreshing in the warm weather. The Denver Post posted this article on Campania Italy’s white wines. I don’t believe in the certain foods for certain wines theory. I love fish with a good red wine. There are some great whites out there and not all in the oceans! Some of them are full of body and taste. Campania Italy is a region that doesn’t get a lot of wine notice in the US but it produces some great Italian wines. Try them, you’ll like them.


George & Jo Anne


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