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Paris in the Spring Time

Paris is a beautiful city even in the rain. The architecture is magnificent, the food is great and the wine is memorable. We are taking a couple on a tour of Paris soon. It is their first trip so we will hit the top tourist attractions:

  1. Musée du Louvre
  2. Musée d’Orsay
  3. Eiffel Tower
  4. Notre-Dame
  5. Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre
  6. Arc de Triomphe
  7. Sainte-Chapelle
  8. Hotel des Invalides
  9. Pantheon
  10. Versailles

We will also walk neighborhoods like the left bank, right bank, Champs-Elysées, and Montmartre. We will be staying near my favorite street in Paris, Montorgueil. This pedestrian walk way has many small cafes, fish stores, fruit stands, fresh vegetable stands, etc. There is even a Starbucks but I prefer a French expresso in the mooring with a flakey croissant. Only the French and only in Paris is the croissant done correctly. I often tell people, if after eating one there is not a mess of crumbs on you, it is not a good croissant.

We will also be making three to trips outside of Paris (in addition to Versailles which is in a suburb of Paris).

  1. Reims (Champagne Region) – No trip to France should be done without a trip to Champagne for a tasting of real French Champagne. We will be touring the Tattinger cellars in Reims. Reims is a beautiful city with its own Notre Dame (Our Lady). Many French cities have one commemorating the Blessed Mary. We will take a high-speed train (200 MPH) from Paris (Gare Est – East Train Station) to Reims. It is a 45 minute trip on the high-speed train (one and a half hours on the normal train).
  2. Gilverny – Monet’s house. Gilverny is another beautiful small french city. It can be reached by train from Paris (Gare St-Lazare – St. Lazare train station).

Paris in the Spring will be beautiful and memorable. I will BLOG about it on our return.

Sacre Couer


George & Jo Anne


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Exploring Paris

We all travel for different reasons. Some love the museums, others the food & wine, others the architecture, and still others the historical places we all have read about. Here is a BLOG that talks about exploring the engravings of old Paris. These images show us how this great city looked in years past. We can look and imagine being a Parisian or visitor back then. What would it have been like?  Paris offers so many things for us to see and enjoy. It should be on your “Bucket List”.

It is not only the “City of Light” but also “The City of Romance”. Take someone you love and enjoy it!


George & Jo Anne


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How do you get around Italy?

A SNCF ticket machine in Orly International Ai...

A SNCF ticket machine in Orly International Airport near Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many ways to travel in Italy. We have done them all. Here is a list of more popular forms of transportation:

  1. Airplane – Airfares my be expensive within Europe but fast. Try trains as an alternative.
  2. Trains – Trains are easy throughout Europe. There are very fast trains to go between major cities or countries and local ones to go just about anywhere. Remember that your ticket MUST be stamped at a machine before entering the train.
  3. Car Services – Comfortable cars are available to hire for local trips or within a country. We took a car service from Rome’s airport to Naples to catch the ferry to Capri. They can be expensive but are very comfortable and fast.
  4. Buses – Local and intercity buses is an option. They are inexpensive but can be very crowded in popular tourist places like the Amalfi Coast. You can buy tickets (biglietti) ant any tobacco shop (they also sell papers, candy and lottery tickets). As on trains remember to get your ticket stamped as you enter the bus.
  5. Taxis – As in America, taxis are an easy way to get around a city especially when you don’t know where you are going.
  6. Subways (Metro) – Metros are easy to use and inexpensive. Tickets are sold at machines and ticket windows. Use your ticket to go through turnstile. Exiting you use your ticket again. If there is not enough fare on it for this stop, it won’t let you out. There are ticket machines nearby to add fare. Smart phone apps are available for metros in all major European cities. These apps allow you to put in where you want to go (like the Louvre in Paris). It knows where you are (GPS). It will first show you nearest metro stations and then which trains to get on. If you have a switch it will tell you to take a train in direction of, so many stops to a station and then switch to another train and go so many stops to a station.

Enjoy your trip abroad and travel around. We prefer to walk when possible to see the locals and all the sites in route. However you travel enjoy your adventure.

George & Jo Anne


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Paris Airport to Center City RER Metro

English: The symbol of the Paris/Île-de-France RER

English: The symbol of the Paris/Île-de-France RER (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most American fly into Charles De Gaulle airport unless you have a local European flight into Orly airport. Orly is south of the center of Paris and Charles De Gaulle is north east of the city. There is a great train (metro) that is part of the RER system (trains that go outside the central Paris area). The B Train CDG to Paris and onto Orly connects both air[ports to each other and to central Paris. The Trains run from 04:56 AM to 11:56 PM. It is about 9 minutes and 8 stops to Charles de gaulle to Chatelet. This station is just across the river from Notre Dame and is near attractions like the Louvre Museum.

Paris trains are clean, safe and easy to take. Paris is a city to walk and enjoy the people, the sites, the architecture , the food and of course the wine. We all get tired and may find ourselves  far from our hotels. This is when you take the metro. Enjoy Paris!


George & Jo Anne

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Paris by foot!

We will be taking a couple to Paris next year for 10 days. They have never been there or to Europe yet. They were apprehensive about going on their own but felt taking a tour was too impersonal. We found out what they liked to do like see museums, cafes and quaint restaurants. They didn’t want to miss the top things to see either. We planned a trip staying in a rental apartment instead of a typical hotel. This way they could experience the real Paris. We will be close to great shopping and restaurants and many small cafes. We will be on the up coming right bank of Paris not far from Notre Dame and the Louvre.

Our trip will see all sights in Paris and include a day trip to Champagne to sip some of the bubbly. The itinerary is set to experience the Parisian life style without breaking the budget. The couple is very active and enjoys long walks so we will do most of the sightseeing by foot but will take Metro where it makes sense.
Jo Anne & I love to see people experience the real Europe that is impossible to see by tour. We love Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and the UK. We are available for personal tours.

George & Jo Anne

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