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Travel in Europe

Getting to Europe is easy but can be expensive for most of us. See my tips on cheaper airfares. Once there, you need to move around between countries, between cities in a country and around a city. There are many ways to do this including:

  • Airplanes
  • Trains
  • Metro (Subway)
  • Ferries
  • Funicular
  • Boats
  • Trams
  • Cars
  • Car Services for hire)
  • Motorcycles or Vespas
  • Tour Busses (Hop on Hop Off)
  • Walking

Watch the YouTube video below for ideas on using these modes of transportation:


– Ciao
– George

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Italy’s Metro System

Italy’s major cities all have great Metro Systems. The Metro (subway) is easy to use and an inexpensive way to travel around a large city. Maps exist at each Metro stop as well as in all tourist guides. Smart phone apps exist for each cities metros. You can use the app to find a place you want to go and then true app will determine where you are via GPS and map a route on the Metro for you. It will chow which train to take, which direction and all transfers to get you to your desired location.

The map below is an example of a Metro Map for Rome. You can see each line as a different color, end point and all intermediate stops.


George & Jo Anne

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Guide to Train Travel in Italy

Taking a train in a foreign country, if you don’t speak the language, can seem a daunting task. Trains in Europe and Italy are fast and relatively ease to take. There are super fast trains between other European cities and major cities in Italy, moderately fast trains between Italian main cities and slower local trains that go just about anywhere you want to go. Trains are a major way to travel in Europe. They are usually cheaper than flying and provide safe and comfortable rides. They go into stains in the heart of each major city. Most cities you can walk from the train station to your destination or take a short taxi ride or th Metro.

I read an interesting BLOG on how to take trains in Italy. A Beginner’s Guide to Train Travel in Italy. It covers most topics you will need from how to buy tickets, how to check the schedule of your train and how to go to other European cities. Don’t be afraid to take the train! Just remember to time stamp your ticket before boarding your train. Machines are usually at the end of each platform or near the ticket office in smaller stations. Tickets in Italy are on an honor system. If you are caught with a ticket that is not time stamped you may have to pay a fine.

Enjoy your travels and see all of Italy by train.

George & Jo Anne


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I Love the Small Streets of Europe!

Europe has such small and romantic streets. They are lined with stores and restaurants and yes peddlers. Some are so narrow you can only get a very small car through. I was following a friend in Italy and came to a very narrow passage. I had to back up and go another way. If I continued I would have been wedged between two walls with no way out.  These streets can be cobble stones or paved, tiles or stairs (as in Positano) but they all offer an adventure. Walk them, meet some people, eat in the non touristy restaurants with the locals and shop in the small non touristy shops.

Smart phones are amazing as guides. I use my iPhone GPS in walk mode to find my way out of a maze and back to a known area or my hotel. If you familiarize yourself with a city map and place major monuments on it, you will not get lost. Your smart phone can help you in a pinch. The European Metro’s (subways) are safe and easy to use. There are Metro apps for your smartphones on most major cities. Some of them let you enter a destination and they know where you currently are. They can then show you where the nearest Metro stop is and which trains to take to get to your destination.

What did we do before smartphones?



a Hotel Trevi - 05


George & Jo Anne


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