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Small Towns in Italy

You know how much Jo Anne & I love the small towns of Italy. Especially mountain towns. These are untouched by tourism. The locals have seldom seen a tourist. We love to stroll the streets, stop at the bar for a coffee and conversation. We will have lunch if the town has an interesting restaurant. Italy’s charm lies in her different sides. The resorts, the sea, the mountains and the larger more famous cities. What ever you like, you will find it in Italy.

I am re-Blogging this Blog about 15 small cities. It is worth a read.

To see these great treasures, you will need to rent a car and drive! Driving in Italy is very easy. The Autostrade (highways)are great but you have to get off the beaten track and take small roads to visit these small wonderful towns. Your driving will be rewarded by finding a great small town.



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Italy’s Small Mountain Towns

Italy has some of the best mountain towns. When pirates roamed the seas, Italians would have a seaport town and a mountain town nearby. When the pirates came, they could escape to a castle or walled town in the mountains and protect themselves. These towns are all over Italy. They are small, charming and well worth a stop by you. Get to know the people in these towns, eat the food and drink the local wine. Enjoy the architecture.

The Travel Channel did an article on “Italy’s Most Charming Small Towns”. They commented on 5 towns:

  1. Ravenna
  2. Urbino
  3. Lecce
  4. Ravello
  5. Gubbio

Italy’s main towns like Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence and Venice are worth seeing as well. After experiencing these go to the countryside and experience small town Italian living.

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