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How Do You Fly to Europe?

This fascinating hand colored 1814 map by Edin...

This fascinating hand colored 1814 map by Edinburgh cartographer John Thomson depicts southern Italy ( Naples and Sicily). Covers from Rome south to the island of Sicily. Extraordinarily details with notations on both physical and political features. This map’s magnificent size, beautiful color, and high detail make this one of the finest maps of this region to appear in the early 19th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I prefer non stop flights. We have great flights from Philly to Paris and Rome. Newark is not that far away and gives us many more non stops. When I go to my place in Southern Italy (Campania), I fly to Rome and drive 4 hours. Some people say “Why don’t you fly into Naples?” The problem with stops is you could spend many hours in your connecting city. I have seen flights with as many as 10 hours in the connecting city. I would prefer 4 hours of driving through beautiful and majestic country to 10 hours in an airport held captive!

What is your feeling?

George & Jo Anne


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