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Pavia is a small city in Lombard Italy just south of Milano. It has a population of 68,000 people. When George did consulting for Olivetti in Milano, he met friends that lived in Pavia. It is a wonderful small town on the Ticino river. He remembers boat races on the river. Oh those Italian and their fast cars and boats! Pavia was the capital of the Kingdom of Lombards from 572 to 774.


Pavia – Wikipedia

Pavia 2

Boats raced under this bridge over the Ticino River

Pavia was famous in Italy for sewing machines. They were the best made you could buy. Today it is a combination of ancient and modern. Many of the people living there, work in Milano. Since Milano has such an influence on them, it is  high in fashion and Northern Italian cuisine.

There are many things to see in Pavia but don’t miss the Duomo and the Castello Visconteo.

George & Jo Anne



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Sad Tourists in Milano

English: Milan Cathedral Français : La cathédr...

English: Milan Cathedral Français : La cathédrale de Milan Polski: Katedra w Mediolanie Italiano: Duomo di Milano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to do a lot of business in Milan and Rome Italy. I traveled so often I lived there for a while. One day I was in Milan waiting for a bus to go to my friends house in Pavia (just south of Milan). As I stood at the bus stop, a very large tour bus loaded with Americans pulled up. Each face was up against the bus windows looking out. I couldn’t help but feel they were in Italy but not really. Totally insulated from the real Italy.

Large tour buses typically take their people to tourist places that don’t serve the really great Italian food. Why do so many people go on tours? Are they afraid? Is it the Language? Do they feel they might miss something on their own? We will be addressing each of these in the upcoming BLOGs. Stay tuned!

If you take tours, let me know why?

See you on your trips,
George & Jo Anne

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