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Perugia Pictorial

This year we went on a 3 week trip of Italy. The first week we spent in Tuscany and the last 2 weeks at our home in Campania. Tuscany is beautiful with many old mountain towns to be explored. Too many for one trip so we will be back.

We started on an overnight flight from Philadelphia to Rome. Landing Friday morning we started our trek to Tuscany in our rental car. Perugia was our first stop. This is a beautiful city on different levels that was made famous by Perugia chocolates. It is in the Province of Umbria, region of Perugia. It has a population of about 168,000 people.

The city center is small with very narrow streets. You can only drive in if you have a hotel stay in the center. Beware that the driving is not for the faint at heart. There is a very large parking garage outside the city central with easy access. From the garage you can take a series of escalators up to the old town. The escalators run up so you will have to carry your suitcases down or take the streets.


Our small hotel in the center


Very narrow streets


The Piazza in the center


Part of the Piazza


View from the center


One road up to the center


Lunch in the Piazza


Small streets


More small streets


Entrance to City Center


Plunger to block traffic


Your hotel can lower it so you can pass in


Street to hotel – Watch your rearview mirrors


Hotel breakfast – Cornetti


Dinner in a beautiful Restorante


Parking Italian style

Perugia is a wonderful, romantic town. Walk all the streets of the center center and enjoy. Stop at a candy store and enjoy some Perugia chocolates. Nearby towns include Assisi, Cortona, Montepulciano and Siena.

Buon viaggio (Have a good trip)!

George & Jo Anne

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Perugia, Italy

Perugia is a special city. It is home to Perugina chocolates. They are best known for their Bacci (Kiss) chocolate. The chocolate factory (with tours and tastings) is just outside the city. The city itself is medieval. What a charming place to stroll. Imagine walking on the same small walkways as people did during the medieval period. There are old squares, churches, Castles and fortresses.


This is a great town to spend a night or two and go back in time. It is a very romantic place to spend some time. Imagine peaceful walks on old narrow streets, eating in a small trattoria, having some Perugina chocolates, sipping some local wine. Eat a Perugina back (kiss) then kiss someone special. Are you ready to go?

Perugia is near Assisi and Cortonia (where Under the Tuscan Sun took place and the real Frances Mayes home is). It is also not a long drive from Siena or Florence.

George & Jo Anne


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