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Top 10 Things to See in Italy

Touropia lists the top 10 recommended places (in reverse order) to see in Italy:

  1. San Gimignano – This is George’s favorite city in the world. He saw it first before the tourists came. Even with tourists it is a spectacular walled mountain town.
  2. Manarola (Cinque Terre) – The cinque terre are 5 cities in the mountains that you can walk between on mountain paths. There is now train service to cinque terre.
  3. Leaning Tower of Pisa – This is very unique to see a building falling over that has become such a major tourist attraction.
  4. Lake Como – One of Italy’s most beautiful lakes at the base of the Alps.
  5. Positano (Amalfi Coast) – Positano is a unique town of a million steps and one road. The two beaches are beautiful and the restaurants are great.
  6. Pompeii – It took a major volcano eruption to make this Etruscan town a tourist trap. It is unbelievable to see what they had back then. Self cleaning streets, speed bumps, indoor plumbing, and homes you would die for today.
  7. Piazza del Campo (Siena) – This is one of Italy’s most impressive piazza’s.
  8. Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence) – This is an impressive cathedral in one of Italy’s most impressive cities.
  9. Colosseum (Rome) – Even with all of its marble facade stripped away, this is an impressive structure. Inside you feel like you are part of old Rome waiting to watch a gladiator fight.
  10. Canals of Venice – Venice is one of the most unusual cities in the world. An entire city of buildings atop millions of tree trunks sunk in the water. A city of canals and boats instead of streets and cars. Let your imagination run wild!

After you have seen the top ten above go to small towns and mountain cities. Swim at some of Europe’s best beaches. Have a pizza in Naples. Italy is unique and very romantic. Enjoy it… How many of these have you seen?

George & Jo Anne


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San Gimignano, Italy

Many towns, such as San Gimignano, were enclos...

Many towns, such as San Gimignano, were enclosed with walls, causing crowding and the building of tower houses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favorite city in the world is San Gimignano, Italy. It is a medieval walled town in Tuscany not to be missed. When I first saw this town it was 1985 and there were very few tourists. Today the tour busses line up outside the wall. Even with all the tourists it’s a great town. Get off the main streets, where the tourists exist, and see the back streets of San Gimignano. On one wall there is an Alfresco Restaurant with dinning on the wall overlooking Tuscany and Chianti country. This city is near Florence and not far from Pisa. There are wineries outside the city that are great. They are peoples homes with tastings in the kitchens. Yes Gucci has arrived in this town but it still offers an unspoiled look at early Italian life. Have lunch in the piazza or better yet spend a night and walk the main streets after the tourists have climbed aboard their buses and left.


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