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Potenza Italy

Yesterday we spoke about Castellabate and Agropoli. Today we will look at Potenza. Potenza is a city high in the mountains north-east of Agropoli and east of Salerno on the RA5 autostrada. From Rome you take the A1 south to Naples then the A3 south to the RA5 (east). It is in the Basilicata region of Italy.



The population is about 68,000 people. The main sights are:

  1. Duomo
  2. Churches
  3. Old castle
  4. Noble Residence
  5. Roman villa ruins

potenza 2

Potenza Center

Like most Italian towns it is a fun walk around. You can observe life and Italians being themselves. The center has a piazza with restaurants and bars. Step back in time and enjoy this beautiful city. This is a great place to stay a night or two or an easy ride from Naples or Salerno.

George & Jo Anne


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Maratea, Italy

One of the small mountain cities we visited was Maratea in the province of Potenza. Maratea is high up on a mountain and the mountain continues up to a pinnacle behind the town. On this pinnacle is one of the world’s largest Christ statues with hands out like a cross. The road up is precarious. It often hangs off the cliff on pillars. You are driving out in the sky with nothing below you. The city is old! Maratea is 26 sq miles in size and a population of 5,200. It has been described as “the town with 44 churches.

Maratea Maratea Cross

This is a city with hotels, restaurants and a great public square. It is a walking city. Cars can not go inside the old city. Most roads (walkways) turn into stairs. To reach the main church at the top of the city, you must climb a lot of stairs. The views are worth it. Walking here returns you to a less busy time. The cobblestone streets are the same the as the Romans traversed. You can almost hear the chariots on the cobblestones. Stop for lunch or dinner. Have some wine or a soft drink and take in this fabulous city.

There are good roads most of the way to Maratea. The last 30 km or so are smaller roads but in good condition. You can get to Maratea off the A3 Autostrada from the north (Milan, Florence, Rome or Naples) or from the south (Sicily). The A1 Autostarada in the north turns into the A3 at Naples. From the north you reach beach towns like Polinuro and Sapri. This is a rugged but beautiful part of Italy. Not many Americans visit here but there are many European visitors.


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