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Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm is a wonderful Scandinavian city in Sweden. It is located on the eastern side of Sweden on the Baltic Sea. It is a big seaport city. Getting to and from the Stockholm Airport is easy and can be inexpensive. The Arlanda Express Train leaves from under the arrivals terminal and costs about $32. We took an express bus from the airport to the Central Train Statin for a fraction of that cost.

We stayed at the Scandic Upplandsgatan Hotel a short walk from the train Station. We ate a meal at the Polpette Italian Restaurant on the pedestrian walkway (Drottninggatan) near the Central Train Station.  Things to see in Stockholm are:

  • Old Town and Palace on Gamla Stan Island
  • Hop-On-Hop-Off Red Bus Tour
  • Kungstradgarten Shopping street
  • Stureplan Trendy bars and cafes
  • Vasa Museum with Viking ships

Come walk around Stockholm with us in this YouTube video:

– George

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Business in Italy

MR - IMG_4731

We recently bought a condo in southern Italy in the town of Velina (Campania). Two weeks ago we went to open up the place and get some furniture. We found a store that sells furniture and found a love seat, two chairs and a table made of wicker. It would be perfect in the apartment as well as on our patio looking at the sea and sunsets with a glass or two of vino. They, of course, spoke no english and my Italian is very limited. We were concerned that it wouldn’t fit in our car. The man, sensing or problem, brought a truck up and loaded the furniture on board. He didn’t take any credit cards so we had to stop at a local ATM with him following us. Then he followed us up a hill to our new place. He unloaded all the furniture, took it up two flights of stairs and into our apartment. Waited for us to be pleased with it and then, and only then took the money!

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An XPATs Journey to Own a Home in Italy

English: Logo of Ikea.

English: Logo of Ikea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK now you bought a home in another country. You bought a kitchen so you could cook (these are typically not included in a sale). You bought a bed to sleep on maybe a couch and table and chairs. Oh the fun is just beginning! What about all those small things around the house you need but don’t have in your new place. Here is a small list of items we had to get at a local IKEA in Italy:

  1. Bed linens, pillows and a blanket
  2. Mattress pad
  3. Mirror
  4. Toilet brush
  5. Hooks for towels
  6. Math mat
  7. Kitchen towels
  8. Hot pads
  9. Silverware
  10. Pots and pans
  11. Cooking utensils
  12. Wine & water glasses
  13. Bowls
  14. Cork screw and beer bottle opener
  15. Sharp knives
  16. Cheese grater
  17. Cutting boards
  18. Callender
  19. Can opener
  20. Pasta spoon
  21. Napkins
  22. Place mats
  23. Storage containers
  24. Tools (metric system)
  25. Scissors

Oh the necessities of life are fun. The other problem we will have is we are planning on stopping at IKEA on our way from the airport to our new home. No problem you think? The cars in Italy are tiny. 2 American suitcases and a bunch of stuff from IKEA may strain the car’s capacities. Even so it will be fun and an adventure!

The kitchen is small by American standards and the refrigerator is tiny but we must remember we are in Italy! You don’t shop for weeks, you don’t buy processed foods. You buy fresh each day for what you will need. Suddenly the refrigerator seems large. If you are planning to buy in Europe or live for an extended time, live like the locals. Forget the way you do things back home. It  is, after all, an adventure into learning.

George & Jo Anne


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Oh Italian Leather Shoes!

Looking back to Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Looking back to Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While we were in Positano Italy, we walked and walked and did hundreds of steps a day. My feet were sore and a blister started. I went into a men’s clothing store and tried on a pair of good Italian leather shoes. OH! what a feeling. I kept them on and packed my old shoes. It was like walking on pillows. The feeling was so comfortable. The stairs didn’t seem to bother me. The walking was pleasurable and the blister never happened. I am sold on good quality Italian shoes.


George & Jo Anne

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