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Spain and Italy

This is a summary of out trip to Spain and Italy and gives details on how we planned the trip. Rory and I travelled to Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Venice and Rome. How did we plan this trip? How many days do you need in each place? How do you get from one city to the next?

these questions and more are answered in the YouTube video below:





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When you travel on your own, do you miss much?

My dad used to say he would be afraid of traveling on his own because he would miss too much. In reality there are so many great books and Internet sites that you will soon know the top places to see. The list will be longer than most tours have time to visit. The point is you can choose on your own what to see and how long to see it. Restaurants are your choice. Stay away from the touristy types. They have mediocre food for higher prices. Don’t be afraid to explore. Most places speak some English. Try to learn some basics of the language of the country you are visiting. People love to see you try. It means you care.

Jo Anne and I travel a lot. We want to take small groups with us to see the great places we love. To visit the people and eat the foods. These are memories we love. We are also photographing these great countries. We have just started a website to display and sell our photographs. Not everything is up yet but visit us often to see more.

See you on your trips,


George & Jo Anne

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