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Scenic Railway Oslo to Bergen Norway

We recently took the Oslo to Bergen Norway scenic railway. Some say it is one of the most scenic rail systems in the world. We started in Oslo Norway. The train went through Oslo suburbs and started it journey into the countryside. As it climbed the foothills, there was snow everywhere. After a while we were among beautiful lakes on both sides of the train. Then we ascended above the tree line and into a deep snow and mountain peak world. It was a wilderness but so peaceful. We chose Comfort+ Class, which gave us bigger and more comfortable seats for the journey and free coffee or tea.

Come ride the train with us in this YouTube video:

– George

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Rome to Venice!

train station

train station (Photo credit: nolifebeforecoffee)

Rome and Venice are two great places to visit in Italy. We recommend stopping in Florence as well. How do you get from one place to the other? There are easy trains and planes. The European trains are easy to use and the basic rule is the faster the train, the more you will pay. KIOSKs in the train station can be put into English (British Flag). You then pick your destination and time, class of service and pay. Your tickets are printed at the KIOSK and you are ready to board. Huge train time tables are everywhere. Find your train and look at the BIN (Track) column to find which track it leaves from. Tracks are in numerical order. REMEMBER BEFORE BOARDING A TRAIN ANYWHERE IN EUROPE GET YOUR TICKET STAMPED AT THE MACHINES BY YOUR TRACK> Tickets are usually good for any train but the time stamp says when you are boarding. If you are caught on board with a unstamped ticket there will be a hefty fine.

European trains are comfortable but can be crowded in heavy seasons. Your ticket gets you on board but on some trains you need a second seat reservation (will cost more) to have a reserved seat. Without this you hope there will be seats open for you to sit. If not you must ride standing. On longer rides there are usually a restaurant car and  food service from carts in each car.

Remember that most European large cities have more than one train station. If you look up service on the internet, take note which station you train departs from. In Rome the main station is called Termini.

George & Jo Anne


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How do you get around Italy?

A SNCF ticket machine in Orly International Ai...

A SNCF ticket machine in Orly International Airport near Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many ways to travel in Italy. We have done them all. Here is a list of more popular forms of transportation:

  1. Airplane – Airfares my be expensive within Europe but fast. Try trains as an alternative.
  2. Trains – Trains are easy throughout Europe. There are very fast trains to go between major cities or countries and local ones to go just about anywhere. Remember that your ticket MUST be stamped at a machine before entering the train.
  3. Car Services – Comfortable cars are available to hire for local trips or within a country. We took a car service from Rome’s airport to Naples to catch the ferry to Capri. They can be expensive but are very comfortable and fast.
  4. Buses – Local and intercity buses is an option. They are inexpensive but can be very crowded in popular tourist places like the Amalfi Coast. You can buy tickets (biglietti) ant any tobacco shop (they also sell papers, candy and lottery tickets). As on trains remember to get your ticket stamped as you enter the bus.
  5. Taxis – As in America, taxis are an easy way to get around a city especially when you don’t know where you are going.
  6. Subways (Metro) – Metros are easy to use and inexpensive. Tickets are sold at machines and ticket windows. Use your ticket to go through turnstile. Exiting you use your ticket again. If there is not enough fare on it for this stop, it won’t let you out. There are ticket machines nearby to add fare. Smart phone apps are available for metros in all major European cities. These apps allow you to put in where you want to go (like the Louvre in Paris). It knows where you are (GPS). It will first show you nearest metro stations and then which trains to get on. If you have a switch it will tell you to take a train in direction of, so many stops to a station and then switch to another train and go so many stops to a station.

Enjoy your trip abroad and travel around. We prefer to walk when possible to see the locals and all the sites in route. However you travel enjoy your adventure.

George & Jo Anne


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