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Vallo della Lucania

Vallo della Lucania is the largest city near our home in Velina. It has a hospital and is a college town. This is a large mountain city without many steps. The center doesn’t allow cars but parking is easy and you can walk in. The central piazza is beautiful stone work but this last trip it was all ripped up and being replaced.

D4 - IMG_0185

November 2013 Piazza

This is a great town to walk in. Some of its streets are very narrow and invite exploration.


As in any Italian town, there are street markets on some days. You have to walk around and find them.

IMG_3066 IMG_3067

This town is served by a limited access highway the SP430. This road leads south to Sapri and Maratea and north to Agropoli, Paestum and the Autostrada A3. Vallo della Lucania has shops that sell everything you need. Of course there are plenty of restaurants and bars to take an afternoon break at.


While we were enjoying our process, we saw a church letting out. It was First Communion day and all the boys and girls were in white. Parents were dressed up and heading to this bar to celebrate. If you stop to take in the city and people around you, you can experience wonderful things.

Tomorrow we are off to Castelabate and Santa Maria Castelabate.

George & Jo Anne


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Bella Velina

We bought a place in Velina which is part of a town called Castelnuovo Cilento and also called Casal Velino. A little confusing on the names. It is in lower Campania about 1.5 hours south of Salerno and .5 hour from Agropoli. We have a great college town nearby called Vallo della lucania. Paestum is not far away and is a great Greek ruin. This area is very mountainous and has sea views everywhere. We fell in love with this area. In the summer it is full of European tourists. In the winter it is mostly just the locals. Each town comes alive in the morning and after 4pm. Cheese shops, clothing stores, bread stores, chocolate stores, pastry shops, banks, etc. The locals walk their town, talk and shop. Here are some pictures of the views:

L1 - IMG_0158 L2 - IMG_0159 L3 - IMG_0161 L4 - IMG_0162 L6 - IMG_0164 L7 - IMG_0168 L8 - IMG_0253

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