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Cold Weather in Europe Kills!

Europe is experiencing extreme cold weather similar to here in the USA. Temperatures drop drastically and snow fall is heavier than usual. Many people died in this change of weather. Northern Europe is used to cold and snow but even here it is colder and heavier snow than usual. What is really strange is Southern Italy experienced snow fall and cold weather. Sicily had snow and they are almost on the African continent. It seems in Europe frigate Arctic weather is coming down in a southerly direction over the entire continent.

Although Southern Italy had cold and snow it didn’t last long. The mild Mediterranean winds blew in and warmed the land. This is a mild climate usually. You can not go swimming because the sea is very violent in the winter but you can travel around in 60-75 F degree weather.

With these strange weather patterns you have to be ready for any type of weather. Pack something warm. Layer clothes if you get hit by extreme cold. Don’t allow it to ruin your vacation. Just enjoy where you are.

George & Jo Anne


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Weather in Europe

Europe in general is having some weather related problems. Italy is mostly under a warning now.

Italy Weather 11-6-14

Yellow being a warning, gold a stronger warning and red the most severe warnings. All but a small part of northern Italy is under warnings for rain, lightning and in some areas hail. If you are going to Italy in the winter (rainy season and snow season in the north) check the expected weather conditions. Dress appropriately.

Rain doesn’t ruin a vacation, especially to Italy. On bad days plan your museum trips and be inside. Normally you will have days that are not raining or times in each day that are not raining. adjust your planned schedule to accommodate the weather. This is another reason big tours are bad. If it’s raining hard and you are headed to Tivoli Gardens, you will be outside in the rain.

George & Jo Anne


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